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These are a few of my favorite things…

Originally I wanted to write this before Thanksgiving and my trip back to the US but I got too busy… it actually works better this way because being back reminded me of what I really love about Mexico! 1. Tacos! … Continue reading

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2nd Best Peace Corps Blog!!

According to the Online Education Database (OEDb) my blog is the 2nd best blog in the world! Click on the hyperlink above to see the actual article.  The statement about my blog was pretty short and sweet: Daisie´s Peace Corps … Continue reading

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San Blas and Isla Isabel

Not sure if I mentioned this or not but I really envy the Environment Group here in Mexico.  They really get more of the Peace Corps experience by living in campos and really having to learn Spanish since most people … Continue reading

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Nov 5 Book Reviews

This week I was kind of in a funk about what books to read… I had finished most of the bestsellers and favorite authors so there wasn´t really anything that I was dying to read for so I reached out to … Continue reading

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