2nd Best Peace Corps Blog!!

According to the Online Education Database (OEDb) my blog is the 2nd best blog in the world! Click on the hyperlink above to see the actual article.  The statement about my blog was pretty short and sweet:

Daisie´s Peace Corps Blog:

Read detailed postings about the cultural mores Peace Corps volunteers might encounter in parts of Mexico, as well as interesting musings on how it compares and contrasts with its neighbor to the north.

To be honest I am thrilled that someone is reading my blog but now I am nervous!  That article was written in July before I started writing the Book Reviews and Recommendations.  I still have my trip blogs and my random thoughts about Mexico but they may now be harder to find.  I thought I would write a little blog about how to navigate around my blog and my thought process.

Navigation: I essentially have three types of blogs.  Blog Posts which are typically blogs about Mexico, my experiences, Mexican culture etc.  Trip Blogs are blogs about the places I travel too which usually contain pics.  The last blog is the Book Reviews and Recommendations blog which is what it says it is. Once you go to my site the blogs are arranged by date and the newest on top obviously.  To navigate to only my Trip Blogs you can select “Trip Blogs” under Categories on the right hand side.  You can do the same for Blog Post and Books…

For new or future Peace Corps Volunteers, Blog Posts and Trip Blogs are probably where you want to spend most of your time.  If you are interested in Pre Service Training, selecting March, April, May 2011 blogs will lead you to my blogs about the torture called PST.  After PST I usually wrote what I thought about a certain times of the year such as Independence Day, Dia de los Muertos, Thanksgiving, Posadas etc… There is less of that this year since its now my second year and I don´t have much to add…another reason I started the book blogs.

I started writing the book reviews and recommendations because I had more time to not only read but write about what I was reading.  I was constantly being asked what I thought about certain books and what I would recommend and I felt like I was repeating myself over and over…hense the blog!  I think my friends like it and I like being able to keep track of what I am reading and what I thought of the book.  I read so much that its easy to forget.  I am also using Goodreads to keep track and to rate books but I rarely write an actual review there.

Regardless of why you are visiting my site…Welcome or Bienvenidos! I hope you find what you are looking for and if not send me a note!


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