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Updated – May 2014

I was checking the stats of my blog when I noticed that I have over 20,800 views and I ran across OEDb again. I decided to check out the site and…

I am The BEST!  My blog is #1 for 2014!!

Thanks for the support :)

If you are looking for what the Peace Corps is really like I suggest you start at the beginning where I talk about what we do in training etc..


According to the Online Education Database (OEDb) my blog is the 2nd best blog in the world! Click on the hyperlink above to see the actual article.  The statement about my blog was pretty short and sweet:

Daisie´s Peace Corps Blog:

Read detailed postings about the cultural mores Peace Corps volunteers might encounter in parts of Mexico, as well as interesting musings on how it compares and contrasts with its neighbor to the north.

Just found another site that loves me:

To be honest I am thrilled that someone is reading my blog but now I am nervous!  That article was written in July before I started writing the Book Reviews and Recommendations.  I have since moved my book reviews and recommendations to my new blog:

This site will be used to continue to discuss my travels and my observations on the cultures I encounter.

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