Changing Lives…One Year Later

I am the change


I meant to update this blog more often but life took over. I did get the job I wanted last August.  New Orleans was awesome – Tiara and I had a blast!  In October, I traveled to San Diego to be apart of the USD Supply Chain conference with Rosemary and Blue Silk Consulting. I spent Thanksgiving with my dad in Oregon and Christmas with my mom.  I went back to Queretaro after Chrirstmas for a Quinceanera and then headed to Ixtapa for New Years Eve and quality time with Amelia, Paul and Pam.

After being in the Peace Corps I didn’t want to go back to being a number.  I wanted to make a difference…change lives. The dream job was as an Employment Services Representative for The Stride Center.  The Stride Center is a nonprofit IT job training and certification program.  Our demographic is low to extremely low income people who are looking for a career in the IT industry.  Our motto is – Changing Lives and Harnessing Technology.  Perfect!

I help the students in professional development skills such as resume writing, interviewing, professional dress and using Social Media to brand yourself. I help the graduates get jobs. We ended up the last year with a lot of placements but last month, March 2014 I broke the record and helped place 44 people.  One of them I actually helped place in three different positions – the final one was a full time permanent job!

I LOVE what I do and it fills my heart with joy knowing that I am helping amazing people get awesome jobs.  I am still working five jobs but I love everything I do.  I am really blessed that I was able to find a way to continue to give back help change lives. I miss Mexico a lot but I am glad to be home and contributing.

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  1. Ms nora jeannine hayter says:

    I am glad you are happy. I guess you got the emails from Dan about more opportunities in Mexico. I am looking at a job in India and am teaching hydroponics and fighting for our Constitutional rights. I have men that like me, but no one I like. I ma hoping to move to the country later this year. Good to hear from you. Your friend, Nora

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