Corrida de toros (Bull fights)

Wow, the bull fight was certainly an experience.  One of the guys put it well when he said “everyone had fun except for the bulls”

It wasn’t what I expected, which was one man and one bull.  Oh heck no!  It was like 5-6 men, one or two of them on a horse and the bull.  It really didn’t seem fair but it is what it is.  It got to the point where we were cheering for the bull when it got a hit in :)

So the way it works here is: six matches with six bulls and three main matadors.  The other guys are there to distract the bull.  One of the main matadors rides a fancy horse which literally prances around.  The other two don’t ride horses but there are men that come in on horses that the bull rams into (don’t worry those men and horse are really padded).  They stab and weaken the bull for the main matador to prance and strut around with.  It certainly was interesting to see their stances and moves.

The most interesting men where the ones that rushed the bulls.  They would stand in line and one lucky guy would rush the bull and jump on top of it between the horns.  Then the other 6 or so guys would surround the bull while one guy grabs onto the bull’s tail.  the bull would then swing the guy around in a circle (like a dog chasing its tail).  This was certainly very entertaining.

At the end of the day here were the statistics:

Guy on the fancy horse was hurt when the bull ramed it (score one for the bull).  He ended up limping but not seriously injured

Fancy horse #1 was hurt but not serious

One of the cap guys was hurt really bad when he rushed the bull (same one as above – score 2) and was bucked off and then trampled.  He wasn’t able to walk off the field but showed up later limping.

A second guy attempted to rush the same bull and was bucked off but was able to walk off the field…amazingly he rushed the bull again and succeeded (of course everyone went nuts!!!) 

I have more pics and videos but I can’t seem to load them all.  I will try again soon.

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  1. TC says:

    Go Bulls. Just sayin’

  2. mary helen riley says:

    Go Bulls! is right

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