Did you know that the United States is the only country that has the “Pursuit of Happiness” as a right?  It also said all men are created equal but I won’t go there because I want to talk about Happiness.

I have been meaning to write about this since I read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin.  Of course after I read that one I noticed how many other books on “Happiness” there are out there recently.  Its like people are trying to figure out how to be happy again and after being back in the US for six months I totally get why.  Everyone seems to be constantly stressed out, bitter, angry and moody.  I can’t believe how some people act these days…is it really that hard to be nice?

I personally am absolutely and positively blessed!  I got the job of my dreams this month!  I am working for The Stride Center as an Education Service Representative.  I work with students on Professional Skills like resume writing, interviewing, job search etc… I am loving it, I actually look forward to going to work everyday and I don’t mind working late or overtime because I know I am making a difference in people’s lives.  I am helping them create a better future for themselves and that is very fulfilling.

So I will do what I can to spread happiness to everyone but I wanted to share the steps that the book recommended to help find happiness.  Sometimes it really is about just getting rid of all the negativity and clutter in your life.  I did a lot of that by moving to Mexico and living a simpler life.  Not everyone can do that though so maybe this will help you …

The author tried each “step” a  month…she spent a year working on being happy.  The first chapter – Boost Energy I think is dead on.  Getting more sleep is a great start to feeling better!

1 – Boost Energy – Go to sleep earlier, exercise better, toss-restore-organize, tackle a nagging task and act more energetic

2 – Remember love -Quit nagging, don’t expect praise our appreciation, fight right, no dumping, give proofs of love

3 – Aim higher – Launch a blog, enjoy the fun of failure, ask for help, work smart, enjoy now

4 – Lighten up – Sing in the morning, acknowledge the reality of people’s feelings, be a treasure house of happy memories, take time for projects

5 – Be serious about play – Find more fun, take time to be silly, go of the path, start a collection

6 – Make tome for friends – Remember birthdays, be generous, show up, don’t gossip, make three new friends

7 – Buy some happiness – Indulge in a modest splurge, buy needful things, spend out, give up something

8 – Contemplate the heavens – Read memoirs of catastrophe, keep a gratitude notebook

9 – Pursue a passion – Write a novel, make time, forget about results, master a new technology

10 – Pay attention – Meditate, examine true rules, stimulate the mind in new ways, keep a food diary

11 – Keep a contented heart – Laugh out loud, use good manners, give positive reviews, find an area of refuge


Good luck!



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