I gotz 12 jobs mon!

Living Color - Jobs


Did you catch the In Living Color reference?  If not you are probably to young to remember the show.   In that show though Damon Wayans (above) would play a Jamaican guy who always had a million different jobs.  He looked down upon you if you only had one job.

So in my journey to find my new adventure, I have found myself with not 12 but 3 or 4 different jobs.  Five if you count job hunting but I am slowing down on that for a while.  So what am I doing these days?

Well in my spare time… I am an usher for Live Nation concerts at Pier27 in San Francisco.  I am also consulting for a few consultants (social media type stuff).  I am blogging (4 blogs and counting).  I am also doing research for another consulting company.  Oh and I am working as a PM for a marketing company full time.  FUN!

Yes, almost all of the above are paying me…the blogs I do for the pure pleasure of writing!  The full time gig is still temporary while I find a position that fulfills my heart.  Just waiting for the next BIG Adventure!

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