Leon and Guanajuto

Leon is in the state of Guanajuto and is a real industrial city.  They mostly make shoes and leather here.  This was the first stop on our journey.  We visited CIATEC a research center and CIO a university/research center.  It was an interesting day.

That night we went out to an awesome restaurant.  Unfortunately I didn’t take my camera so I didn’t get pictures.  It was fun because they would have people get up on the bar and fight a “toro”.   After they win (of course) they do a little booty dance on the bar.  Two people in our group actually did it!  We stayed the night in Leon and then headed to Guanajuto to visit more centers.

Guanajuto was absolutely beautiful!  Tons of crafts, music and food.  My pictures don’t do this place justice…

In the centro part of Guanajuto there are a ton of restaurants where you can be serenaded by mariachis or TUNAs.  If you visit Guanajuto with your significant other make sure and exchange besos in the Kissing Alley or you will have 7years of bad luck.

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