Made in America

Made in America


WOW!  Its been so long since I have posted…time has been flying by.  That and with my 12 jobs (see previous post for reference) I’ve been busy.  So much has happened since I returned from Mexico and I have had a lot to say…but then I don’t.

So…What’s it like five months later?  Was there a big transition?  The job market?  Are you glad to be home?

All great questions!  Let me start at the beginning and see who far I get?  I am sure I will forget something but lets start.

I returned home in March, due to an illness.  I had been dealing with it for over a year so I decided to put off the doctor for a couple of weeks.  My first stop was San Francisco where I stayed with my brother where  I learned to my disappointment that I snored :(  Who knew?  I certainly didn’t since I sleep by myself most of the time. I knew it was fairly new though since I had traveled so often with other people and they never complained.  Turns out its another symptom of an enlarged adenoid….boo!  While in SF I met Kimberly – Scrappy Woman herself and hung out with my BFF.  I also had an interview with a Startup…funny…can’t even remember its name now 😉

From SF I went to Oregon, where I met my biological father and his wife and three of his daughters.  I had an amazing time!  They made me comfortable and I felt like part of the family.  I am blessed to have found my father after so many years.  I used to say…I am the oldest of 6 kids…now I have to say…I have 11 brothers and sisters!  Insane much?

I took an earlier flight back to the bay area to interview with another Startup – cost me $300 the F’ers!  The next day I was off to Arizona to hang out with my mom, sister and two brothers.  After snapping Stephan into shape I went to the doctor.  The doctor stuck another scope down my nose (not pleasant) and declared that my adenoid was normal and gave me ear drops.  I ain’t going to lie…I was disappointed…I hoped that the drops work… and of course I hoped I would stop snoring.  After two weeks I went back to CA to await decisions from the startups…Denied!  I was starting to run out of money though so I signed up with a Temp Agency and got the job with Live Nation.

So since I didn’t have a job waiting I decided to take Kimberly up on her offer to accompany her to Japan.  She does a lot of workshops there in regards to Leadership, Team Building etc… It was an amazing experience.  Kimberly and I are a lot alike…in fact I stated that she is me in 10 years.    I was in Japan for two weeks and I assisted her in her workshops with two different clients.  She has a very unique technique that I love and I think I could adapt too…she even made Project Management fun!  It was watching her work and experiencing her workshops that I decided that I wanted to take this to Mexico. Kimberly and I discussed it and I emailed my contacts there and asked if they wanted a free workshop in June…

I returned to the US where my brother Sean totally hooked me up!  Sean lives in an older hotel in South San Francisco.  There are several of them scattered around the bay area.  Old historic hotels in the “downtown” areas of town, they are so old that most of the rooms don’t have bathrooms so the tenants share the common bathrooms and showers on the floors.  Sean though hooked me up with a room with a bathroom.  The rent is super cheap for the bay area and it comes furnished!  Perfect for me since I have three suitcases and a bed didn’t fit in them.  Unfortunately it doesn’t have a kitchen but Sean hooked me up with a small fridge, a crock pot and a rice cooker and I bought a microwave. What else do you need?  I bought a desk, a chair and some shelves and created an office for myself.  So I describe my room as four – bedroom, office, kitchen and bathroom. Check out my digs below…

So finally in my new digs I settled in to look for work.  I got a bunch of random gigs which was mostly receptionist work. Finally I interviewed for a Full Time Temp position and here I am!  I didn’t travel in May because I was broke and I started the two new jobs and met with Rosemary about helping her out with “Reshoring”.  I am now a Director for Blue Silk Consulting.  Its only a part time gig but its interesting and I believe in it.  Rosemary is great to work for, she’s very supportive, well read  and has great foresight.

In June I headed back to Queretaro with Kimberly.  Unfortunately, it was a short trip.  Kimberly and I did a workshop at a research center, caught up with other PCVs, went to Guanajuto to meet up with Jeanne and Antoine (my connection to Kimberly)  and visited my old apartment complex and ninos…all in five days.  It was insane and sad.  It felt like returning home…which it was and is.  It would have been great if Kimberly and I could do some work there but not likely…my contacts in research centers can’t pay us enough to make it worth it…bummer!

The weekend after my trip to Mexico I went to Kansas City to meet up with my cousin for a family reunion.  My dad also met me there so I was able to meet my grandmother and one uncle!  I also got a chance to go down to Liberal to catch up with my family down there. I had an awesome time there but again…it was too short.  After this trip, I had officially seen all my family! So back to work it was…

In July, I went back to Oregon to attend my new youngest sister’s wedding.  I got a chance to meet James my bother and in general just had a great time.  I really enjoy spending time with them and getting to know everyone better.  Who doesn’t need  more people to love them?

So that catches us up… Am I glad to be home?  For the most part yes.  Its great to see my friends and family again.  There is a LOT I miss about living in Mexico though…besides and simpler and cheaper life, I miss my friends and mis ninos.  I  miss walking around the corner to get fresh fruits and vegetables.  I am still frustrated with the work situation.  Still looking for my bliss here…Surviving sucks sometimes!

The job market is better than when I left but I am finding it hard to break into the non profit sector.  My cousin Hannah has been hooking me up with some people though which has led to some interviews so maybe soon…

The transition hasn’t been bad, aside from needing to make money again it was pretty seamless.  Luckily I live in CA so I am able to speak Spanish almost everyday.  I have a lot of Mexican shops around where I live so I try to speak to them in Spanish when I am there.  Its fun!  I am still taking public transportation.  Walking, buses, trains, light rails, shuttles, subways and bikes…you name it and I have taken it in the last five months.  There have been some mishaps but for the most part its always been pretty stress free.  The few times I have driven have been srtressful so…I will keep to public transit.

So that’s the last five months in a nutshell…August is taking me to New Orleans for my birthday with Tiara! My mom is coming to visit…and if everything goes well…a new job!!




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4 Responses to Made in America

  1. nora says:

    I own a condo in Nashville if that would help you out. You are always welcome. Sorry to hear you were / sick. I hope your snoring isn’t sleep apnea.
    Good luck on the job hunt. I am kinda looking around right now, too. Toying with the idea of opening a business teaching ESL.
    Thanks for staying in touch. Do I have your new email?
    su amiga,’Nora

  2. Dad says:

    Has it only been 5 months? You certainly seem to fit in a lot of activity into your life; I guess we do to. Claire and Jacob just returned from their honeymoon in Canada; Lisa is back in Alaska (baiting bears); Ryan has moved in with Emily; James and Unsa are in Europe. No sits still in this family.

  3. Laura Susana Cervantes says:

    Daisy your life is incredibly heartwarming, with all those people around you should feel lucky. good luck in your job search, secure find one that you feel happy, compensation will come in addition

  4. Tracy Santos says:

    Hi Daisy

    Not sure if you are interested but my company hand makes Peace bracelets in Cape Town by our skilled Zimbabwean artisans. I thought it great idea to promote buying them from me for £5 a bracelet and you could sell them for slightly higher and every bracelet sold proceeds would help your cause. Supporters would be proud to wear our Peace bracelets as not only are they helping our skilled artisans who make them and their families but in spreading the Peace symbol by wearing them creates awareness. They are truly beautifully made.

    Kind regards and keep up the good work.

    Tracy Santos

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