Its so hard to say goodbye…

I am approaching my last day in Mexico more rapidly than I expected.  Originally, my last day would be around June 1.  It’s never set in stone because it depends on the individual and what they are working on.  I am headed home early because I need to have surgery.  For over a year I have been suffering from continual ear infections.  Once a month, and now once ever two weeks I get an ear infection and it looks like its because I have an enlarged adenoid which is blocking my ear drainage.  For at least 6 months the doctors were blaming it on allergies, luckily our new PC Doctor finally decided to check to see what I was allergic to, and as it turns out…nothing!

I am sure you are like…what you’ve been sick?  You never said anything???  I don’t like to complain much and mostly what it does is cause pain and some discomfort.  The thing that bothers me the most is that I lose all my energy.  I am glad this problem happened when I was acting as a volunteer.  If I was in the US I would have been fired, either for missing too much work or low performance because I worked through being sick.  I am nervous about the surgery but glad to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  I am tired of always being sick.

So as you can tell I feel like I have to justify why I am leaving.  There is a huge part of me that feels like I failed.  I only have three more months, why can’t I just suck it up and finish.  There are soooo many reasons to stay and just as many reasons to return home.  I didn’t make this decision easily but truth be told, I am bored, I have finished all my projects, my kids are on to new and different adventures and I miss my friends and family.  It just feels like its time.  I did what I needed to do in Mexico and now its time to face reality.

So I write this blog as an explanation…I know a lot of my readers have been following my many adventures and even living vicariously.  I am so grateful to my friends and family who have supported me through my service here in Mexico.  I named them on FB but I want to give them another shout out!

My family: Mom, Maisie, Mary Jane and Hannah!  You guys were a blessing…clothes, Christmas decorations, candy, electronics, school supplies, random shit like Krazy Glue, chocolate, chap stick, salad dressing mix…etc… Most importantly love!

My sorority sisters: Lisa, Crissie, Jenny Lynn, and Lynnae!  Coffee!!!  Chocolates, Twizzlers, school supplies, owl stuff, Lipton Tea Bags, etc… and again most importantly LOVE!  They all have kids and they helped me not only with materials and support but the chocolate, tea and coffee certainly refueled me when I needed it. They are all super busy with their careers and children and I appreciate the support, words of encouragement and love that came with the packages and cards.  I LOVED the pictures that came with the packages.

Tiara and Tim!  My two bestests :) Both of them sent me tons of letters and cards along the way and even visited me!  Even the most mundane details kept me connected to home.  They are the kind of friends who even after not seeing each other for 6 months once we are together it seemed like only yesterday.

I am so grateful for all of the people above and the many other people that prayed for me, sent me words of encouragement through cards, FB or email.  I know that what I did at this time of my life is unusual.  I left a perfectly good career to work for nothing in a foreign country.  I was blessed to be able to do this and I hope that I represented my family, my friends and my country well.

I had an amazing experience in Mexico and I hope that I have shared it with you all effectively.  I hope that through my words you have learned about the beauty of my Mexico, the culture, places, people and food!

Years ago I ran across the quote below and decided to live by this definition of success.  I hope that at least one person breathed easier because of me… we certainly had a lot of laughs :)

To laugh often and much;
To win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children;
To earn the appreciation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends;
To appreciate beauty, to find the best in others;
To leave the world a bit better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition;
To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived.
This is to have succeeded.

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882)

I have a lot more to say about Mexico, the places I have visited, the things I will miss and of course the books I have read.  So keep checking back!!!

Thanks again…friends and family in both the US and Mexico!  Te amo mucho!!

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Las Posadas

This is my second Christmas in Mexico and its magical.  Dia de la Independencia, Dia de los Muertos and Semana Santa are also awesome holidays in Mexico but for Christmas they really go all out…lots of decorations, fiestas, pastorelas, piñatas and ponche. Yes, I will explain what all of that is.  I think what I like best is that we are still following old customs, we aren´t politically correct and its less commerical.

Officially Las Posadas are supposed to start on Dec 16 and end on Christmas day.  The nine days represent the 9 months of pregnancy.  Las posadas started in Spain (surprise!!) and there was a procession of people who went house to house looking for a place for Mary and Joseph to stay to give birth to Jesus.  Las posadas in Mexico isn´t that much different but its more of a party and instead of starting on the 16th a “Posada” can be anytime before Christmas…so basically your Christmas parties.  In all posadas, in your house, your neighborhood or for your company, there is at least a nativity scene if not a full reenactment of the Nativity including the three wise men.  What I found interesting is that they will not place baby Jesus in the manger until Christmas day.  This took me some time to figure out…at first I thought at someone was stealing baby Jesus…

I have been to several official posados and they include reciting the rosary, singing songs about Mary and Joseph (Mary and Jose) and a piñata.  This is where the piñatas became popular.  Originally they weren´t shaped like burros or Dora the Explorer.  Originally they were a 7 point star.  The 7 points were to represent the seven deadly sins with the goodies of the world inside.  The stick is the Christian faith that is beating evil to share all the goodies with the world.  Of course the official drink served is “ponche” which is like a hot cider made with local fruits and of course tequilla is added when requested.

Throughout the season kids and adults hold “pastorelas” which officially translates to the “shepard´s play”.  It was a way for the Spanish to visually tell the story of the birth of Christ and the fight between the Angel Michael and the Devil.  As time went on in true Mexican fashion the mexican people added their own flavor to the play by adding shepherds to the story.  These shepherds hear about the coming of Christ through the Angel Michael and decide to see it for themselves.  Along the way they add more people to their pilgrimage and they fight evil.  I watched several versions this year and I enjoyed them all.  One even added a random dance number to it…and yes, of course, it was Gangnam Style!  We can´t close 2012 without one last tribute to the Korean pop culture hit.

Both years I have left before Christmas day and have been pretty secluded.  What´s interesting in Mexico is that Christmas doesn´t end when the presents are opened.  Apparently Dec 28 is called Innocents Day and its like our April Fools day.  Lots of tricks are played on that day and if you don´t remember what day it is you could be in trouble.

Turns out the biggest day of the season is actually the Epiphany, Three Kings day or Dia de los Tres Reyes Magos on Jan 6.  The night before kids tie letters to the three kings to a balloon and release them.  Since of course the kings brought presents to baby jesus, the kids get presents on this day too.  Usually the biggest and best presents are given on this day.  Most of my kids either got tablets or game systems this year.  On this day a “rosca” sweet bread cake is served.  Inside this cake is a baby jesus and whoever gets it is supposed to provide tamales during the Candlemas, or the Presentation of Jesus celebration in Feb.  Unfortunately I keep missing this part of the celebration but it was a joy to hear all about it and see their gifts.

As I mentioned before and as my photos show, Christmas in Mexico is magical.  Not only are there lights but they have full nativity scenes in the central parks.  Christmas in Mexico is Christmas, it is celebrating the birth of Christ and not presents.  Its not about how much money we can spend and how many presents we get but about the Saviour.  I have been blessed to be apart of the celebrations!

Feliz Navidad y Prospero Año Felicidad!

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These are a few of my favorite things…

Originally I wanted to write this before Thanksgiving and my trip back to the US but I got too busy… it actually works better this way because being back reminded me of what I really love about Mexico!

1. Tacos! – I love tacos and being able to literally walk a block and buy them off the street.  I have learned over time that there are several types of tacos and one day I hope to write a blog just about tacos!  In the meantime, I love that they are cheap (4 to 8 pesos), just about everywhere, and super yummy!

2. Saludos! – Saludos is greeting or saying good-bye to people with a hug, handshake and/or a kiss.  I love walking down the street, seeing someone I know and getting a hug and a kiss!  Its the same at work, we greet everyone!  Some people are more affectionate than others but in general everyone greets everyone.

3. Tiendas! – I love just being able to walk down the street to buy my fruits and veggies!  Even today I just needed one piece of wrapping paper and some tape…I got it all at a papaleria for 10pesos!  Can´t beat that!  I love just being able to buy just a few things and I love it being so close.  I do still go a a big grocery store but very rarely!

4. City Buses! – A lot of cities have public transportation but no one can beat Mexico!  In the US you have to be at a certain stop at a certain time to catch the bus…not here!  There are a few specific bus stops but you can stop a bus anywhere along its path and it will pick you up (or drop you off)…there are no specific times either and in most cases there are so many buses going in the same direction you don´t need to wait more than 10mins.  Some of the drivers tend to get a little crazy but I just enjoy the ride!

5. Premier Buses! – I have taken buses all over Mexico and I really enjoy the freedom it gives you. There are alot of overnight buses and its pretty awesome to get on the bus at midnight and wake up at the beach or some other destination!  All of the first class buses have bathrooms, air conditioning, movies (some with in seat personal TVs) and lots of leg room!  Its almost more comfortable than traveling in tight jammed planes.

There is really so much I love about Mexico that its hard to contemplate moving back to the US where I will have to buy a car, shop a big grocery stores, and buy way more things than I need.  Mexico really has become home to me…my service ends in June so I have just over 6months here.  I have thought about staying but I also need to earn some more money.  Regardless of what I decide, Mexico will always be my second home and close to my heart!

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2nd Best Peace Corps Blog!!

According to the Online Education Database (OEDb) my blog is the 2nd best blog in the world! Click on the hyperlink above to see the actual article.  The statement about my blog was pretty short and sweet:

Daisie´s Peace Corps Blog:

Read detailed postings about the cultural mores Peace Corps volunteers might encounter in parts of Mexico, as well as interesting musings on how it compares and contrasts with its neighbor to the north.

To be honest I am thrilled that someone is reading my blog but now I am nervous!  That article was written in July before I started writing the Book Reviews and Recommendations.  I still have my trip blogs and my random thoughts about Mexico but they may now be harder to find.  I thought I would write a little blog about how to navigate around my blog and my thought process.

Navigation: I essentially have three types of blogs.  Blog Posts which are typically blogs about Mexico, my experiences, Mexican culture etc.  Trip Blogs are blogs about the places I travel too which usually contain pics.  The last blog is the Book Reviews and Recommendations blog which is what it says it is. Once you go to my site the blogs are arranged by date and the newest on top obviously.  To navigate to only my Trip Blogs you can select “Trip Blogs” under Categories on the right hand side.  You can do the same for Blog Post and Books…

For new or future Peace Corps Volunteers, Blog Posts and Trip Blogs are probably where you want to spend most of your time.  If you are interested in Pre Service Training, selecting March, April, May 2011 blogs will lead you to my blogs about the torture called PST.  After PST I usually wrote what I thought about a certain times of the year such as Independence Day, Dia de los Muertos, Thanksgiving, Posadas etc… There is less of that this year since its now my second year and I don´t have much to add…another reason I started the book blogs.

I started writing the book reviews and recommendations because I had more time to not only read but write about what I was reading.  I was constantly being asked what I thought about certain books and what I would recommend and I felt like I was repeating myself over and over…hense the blog!  I think my friends like it and I like being able to keep track of what I am reading and what I thought of the book.  I read so much that its easy to forget.  I am also using Goodreads to keep track and to rate books but I rarely write an actual review there.

Regardless of why you are visiting my site…Welcome or Bienvenidos! I hope you find what you are looking for and if not send me a note!


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San Blas and Isla Isabel

Not sure if I mentioned this or not but I really envy the Environment Group here in Mexico.  They really get more of the Peace Corps experience by living in campos and really having to learn Spanish since most people in small towns don´t speak English.  There are a few volunteers who are extremely lucky in my opinion because they lived in a small beach town on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. 

San Blas is a teeny tiny city right on the beach.  According to Wikipedia its about 100miles north of Puerto Vallerta.  At one time they thought it would be the next tourist trap but unfortunately the sand is full of sand fleas and what the locals call no-see-ums.  I can contest to the fact that there were a lot of bugs but after spraying myself with bug spray and sun block they didn´t really bother me.  This tiny town still seems to attract a lot of Americans and Mexican tourists.  There are lots of small hotels near the plaza but none really right on the beach…not that its a long walk to the beach. 

I certainly loved just sitting on the beach listening to the waves and getting some sun until its time to eat. What´s amazing is that the restaurants on the beach are so accommodating.  I have seen this in other smaller beaches.  They can become your base camp.  Plenty of food and drinks while the kids are swimming etc.  The Surf and Smoke shack (I think that was the name of it) offers great food, fantastic Micheladas, surf boards and lessons, showers and little bungalows on the beach you can rent and sleep in.  I went with a group of other volunteers and a few of them took turns learning to surf.  One guy was a surfer in CA and Hawaii so he was teaching the others.  I think everyone was able to stand up which I heard is the hardest part and therefore pretty awesome.  There weren´t really big waves but they were constant.

One of my favorite spots besides the beach was the Social Club.  Its a small bar right on the corner across from the plaza that is owned by an american guy from Brooklyn who stepped out of the Rat Pack Era.  Jazz and blues fill the air, the walls are covered with album covers of Frank Sinatra, Miles Davis etc… Great atmosphere!  I am bummed I didn´t get a picture of it…I guess that means I will have to go back :)

I didn´t get to take many pictures of the town because my battery died after taking a gizzilion pictures on Isla Isabel.  Isla Isabel is about 2.5 hours by boat from San Blas and was one of the most remarkable places I have ever been.  Christian our wonderful host had described it as like walking into Jurassic Park but instead of dinosaurs there are birds.  He was totally right!  Its pretty much just an island in the middle of no where with over 60,000 birds!  The different parts of the islands have different types of birds…ones where when the males are mating their throats swell into huge red balloons, others that have BLUE FEET!!!  Can you believe that?  Blue feet??  Crazy!  The other type of bird lived on top of the mountain and they looked like aliens.  Besides birds the only other things that lived there were iguanas and snakes.  Oh and a gizzilion mosquitos too.  That part I didn´t enjoy so much…they seemed to be mutants and bug spray didn´t really affect them.

It was an amazing day trip seeing the different birds, hiking through the jungle to the other side of the island where there were two huge rock formations that they called Monos (Monkeys in spanish), snorkeling (the boys not me) in crystal blue water, and climbing the mountain to get a 360 view of the island.  On the way back to San Blas we even saw a whale shark!  The boys estimated it to be about 30meters long.  It didn´t jump out of the water but it did come really close to the boat several times and it swam close to the surface so we could see its body.

I love trips like this!  I love going places that few people get to see and experience.  Among the many things I have learned about Mexico, its to get off the beaten track.  Go places that you haven´t even dreamed of!

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Nov 5 Book Reviews

This week I was kind of in a funk about what books to read… I had finished most of the bestsellers and favorite authors so there wasn´t really anything that I was dying to read for so I reached out to my friends on Facebook.  I got some really great ideas and was able to find most of them.  This week I was able to read two of the suggested books…

Here´s a shout out to Rori and Dawn..Thanks for the recommendations!

The Book Thief by Mark Zusak – (Historical Fiction) I tried reading this book before but it was hard to get into it.  It is narrated by Death and he is a strange writer…especially at the beginning.  The second time around I decided to fight through it based on Rori´s glowing (forceful) recommendation.  I am so glad I did!!  It was an awesome book…especially since I had recently been reading other books based in WW2 era Germany.  I totally recommend this book for people who like reading books based in WW2 and for book fans in general.  The “book thief” really is a good representation of book lovers and what we would do for words!

Revenge of the Witch by Joseph Delaney – (Young Adult Fantasy) This is the first book in the Last Apprentice series which was recommended to me several times but most recently by Dawn.  Its a fast read that has you yearning for more!  A thirteen year old boy (the seventh son of the seventh son) becomes a Spook apprentice.  Spooks are disliked but are necessary to help save the County from Witches, Bogarts and other things that go bump in the night.  Don´t let the YA classification fool you…the books are very graphic and intense!  The books are short so perfect for someone who needs a quick fantasy fix.

Retelling Fairytales – Eloisa James

Seduced by a Pirate, Storming the Castle, The Ugly Duchess and The Duke is Mine – All really good books in this genre.  EJ has a talent of combing fairy tales with history.  Most of her books are based in England during a certain time period and she really doesn´t retell the fairy tale…its more twisted and complicated than that.  Great beach reads or brain candy!  The books in italics are actually short stories…the Pirate one follows The Ugly Duchess and The Castle follows A Kiss at Midnight (reviewed last week).

Biting Cold by Chloe Niell – (Paranormal) This is the latest (#6) in the Chicagoland Vampire Series.  I really like this series, constant action, only a little romance and great characters.  I listened to this one versus reading it.  Great narrator.  In general this is a great series for Vampire lovers!

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Oct 29 Book Reviews

I am so excited!  This week is a full week…Halloween then Dia De Los Muertos and then I am headed to San Blas for the long weekend!  Looking forward to the sun and reading on the beach!  Apparently there is a cool island near by that has a ton of birds so we are spending the day there.

The Racketeer by John Grisham – (Lawyer Mystery) A lot of people have stopped reading JG because they say that he has become too formula…but the last two books have been really different (The Confession and the Litigators) and this one is no exception!  Like the Litigators there are lots of twists and turns and you are cheering for the bad guy!  Great book about a guy who is trying to make the system pay for what they did to him…Racketeer indeed!

Fate (Tattoo #2) by Jennifer Lynn Barnes – (Young Adult) I just needed a quick audio book to walk around with and I thought the first one was pretty good so why not.  definitely not on my list of all time favorite books but it was entertaining.  Its a story about the fae, gods and the fates.  The narrator is pretty good with the different voices and characters.

Trick or Treat Murder by Leslie Meier – (Light Mystery) To be honest I didn´t finish this one.  It was a little to “mom” for me.  Too much talk about babies and kids and less about a mystery.  I am guessing the author was dealing with mom issues through her books.

Second Grave on the Left by Darynda Jones – (Paranormal) Great second book of the Charley Davidson series about the Grim Reaper.  The main character Charley (Charlotte) is the Grim Reaper but a nice one…she is the bright light that you can pass through.  She is super sarcastic and funny which adds to this action packed book. 

Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones – (Paranormal) This books continues the story of Charley and the Son of Satan.  Very action packed, still sarcastic and fun but with danger.  There is a fourth book but after these 3 there is a good ending…the fourth sounds like its going to start another main theme…her in a war with the demons…

A Kiss At Midnight by Eloisa James – (Retelling Fairytales) Its the Cinderella story but a lot more interesting.  The evil stepmother in this story actually sends “Cinderella” to meet the prince instead of the evil step sister.  Interesting exchange of wits, not super sexy and with a bit of history tied into the story…instead of a make believe world.  Great mind candy and beach read.

When Beauty Tamed the Beast by Eloisa James– (Retelling Fairytales) I am starting to see a theme with this author.  Lots of match making in old English style with dowries, reputations and making sacrifices for the family.  There are no cute dancing tea cups in this story but instead a feisty dame and a grumpy doctor (based on the House MD character).  Again great story telling mixed with history and fun!

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Oct 22 Book Reviews

I was sick this week, I had visitors and I was actually social so I didn´t get as much reading done as I would like but I did manage to read quite a bit…

The Secret Race by Tyler Hamilton – (Non Fiction) – WOW!  I am not really into racing, Lance Armstrong and Tour de France but this is one crazy story! At times it reads more like a spy novel than this guys actual life. definitely worth reading if you are a racing fan but its interesting even if you aren´t.  After reading this I don´t feel like LA should lose his titles…if everyone was doping than he was still the best of the best.  Only my opinion tho…

Winter of the World by Ken Follet – (Historical Fiction) – Book #2 of the Century Trilogy did not disappoint!  The first one was about WW1 and this one is about WW2 leading up to the Cold War.  These books are great because they combine fiction with actual historical events.  This one was even better than the first because although it did have lots of war parts, it had more spy and character parts!  Can´t wait till the last book :)

Engaging Men by Lynda Curnyn – (Chit Lit) I thought this book would be interesting because its about a girl whose boyfriends always get married to the girl they date after her…I can so relate to that :)  Anyway this book was just ok…the girl was a little annoying sometimes with her back and forthness but it turned around and ended well.

Private Oz by James Patterson – (Mystery) Another solid book from JP!  Lots of blood, guts, murders, and three mysteries at once based in Sydney.  Fast read!  This is apart of the Private series…apparently they are opening offices all over the world.  This summer was Private Games about the London Olympics…looks like Private London is scheduled for later this year…

The Serpant´s Shadow by Rick Riordan – (Young Adult) I love listening to this series via audio books.  The book is actually transcribed from tapes that the Kane kids send to the author therefore it makes sense to actually listen to them!  The story is VERY action packed…seems like they never get a chance to rest (or eat for that matter).  The narrators are awesome…a british girl and an american boy…perfect!  Great ending…could lead to another book in this series or the Kane kids could join forces with the Greek and Roman godkids….

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Cervantino Festival in Guanajuato

The Cervantino Festival is held in Guanajuato, Guanajuato.  Guanajuato is one of the most beautiful towns in Mexico and it attracts tourists from all over the world and most of them this for this festival.  I had been to G before as a trainee with the Peace Corps but it was a fast and furious trip.  This time I got to spend more time actually enjoying the town.The links above will explain more about Cervantino and Guanajuato in general…

Luckily for me we now have volunteers in G.  This is lucky because its a really small town so there aren´t a lot of hotels in general therefore they fill up fast and are expensive.  The volunteers are an awesome couple who graciously opened up their house to us.  This month they are going to have a constant flow of people coming and going.  This may sound awful to you but to a volunteer…nothing can be better!  We LOVE visitors.  They are lucky because they have a washer which helps with the flow…

G in general is a very artsy town.  The famous mexican painter Diego Rivera was born here and there is an amazing museum in the house where he was born.  There are tons of mariachis that stroll around the many plazas and jardins.  There are also Tunas, which are students who raise money by singing…I think its a Spanish thing… There are also street performers; mimes, clowns, live statues, comedians, jugglers etc… its almost like this city is a beacon for performers and artists.

Cervantino is a festival that celebrates art and is named after the author of Don Quixote – Miguel de Cervantes.  This year was the 40th year of the festival which started out as a celebration of the the author etc… Its a month long festival that attracts artists and performers from all over the world.  We had the opportunity to watch a contemporary Dance performance but of course there is ballet, opera, concerts also…

Of course since FREE is always good…we enjoyed some of the free shows that they have at the different plazas.  In our case we caught an indigenous group performance.  They used mostly wood winds and the music was so peaceful and beautiful…I actually bought one of their CDs.  Some of the other free acts were puppet shows, comedians etc…but we were always running just a bit behind and missed them.

Pictures describe this way better than I can so enjoy the pics…

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Oct 15 Book Reviews

For some reason I decided to tackle two 800 page books this week (ebook pages). Both were fast reads (luckily) so I had the weekend for fun reads.

Total Recall by Arnold Schwarzenegger – (Non Fiction) WOW!  Another great autobiography.  I am a fan of his movies and he was my governor so I wanted to know more about the man and this book did not disappoint.  I tell people I love to stay blissfully ignorant about a lot of things and in this case I am glad I did.  I really didn´t have much of an opinion about him before this book but after I can say that I really admire him.  He is very driven and has accomplished a lot…everything he has ever set his mind to do he did.  I have alway admired the “immigrant” attitude…they work hard to be successful in America.  Harder than most natural born Americans do and Arnold is a great example of this.  I loved reading about all the stages of his life, especially the beginning but I found the parts about him being governor very interesting because finally I understood what was going on in his head.  definitely a must read!

Fall of Giants by Ken Follett – (Historical Fiction) This book was recommended to me by a person I trust so even though I was intimidated by its 800 pages I decided to go with it.  I usually read the first chapter to decide if I am in the mood for it and after the first chapter of this book I couldn´t put it down.  I was reading about 200 pages a day!  Normally I say  don´t like long books with lots of characters because its hard to keep up with them all but this book has the same issue so why did I like it more than others?  I reflected on this and its because the characters don´t necessarily change every single chapter.  This author lets you get to know the characters first and build relationships with them before switching to a totally different character.  The chapters are long so you are invested.  The only negative I can say about the book is I felt that some parts of it were too long…especially when it talked about the minute details of the war…when really I wanted to know about the characters.  Then I felt like the last section was too short.  I am sure men who want more action would say the opposite… This is supposed to be a trilogy and the second book is out but the first one ends without a cliff hanger so I am going to read some lighter books over the weekend.

White Trash Beautiful by Teresa Mummert – (Chic Lit?) The name of this book is what attracted it to me and it was short (147 ebook pages) I needed something light after finishing Fall of Giants so I read this.  Typical romance crap that would never  happen in real life but it was good non the less.  The female character was believable even if the guy seemed to good to be true.  There were real emotions there and not just the typical back and forth that happens in romances.

Seducing Cinderella by Gina Maxwell – (Chic Lit) Another quick read.  Cute story about childhood friends who end up together…

Wicked Game by Jeri Smith-Redy – (Paranormal) First in the WVMP Radio series.  This take on vampiers is that they get stuck in their decade…they dress and act like they did at the time that the died.  Which is great for music hense they are DJs at a Radio station that is about to be sold… I liked it but it wasn´t a super fast read, a little sexy but not extreme, enough action to keep you guessing and a lot of music references for music fans.

NYPD Red by James Patterson – (Mystery) FINALLY!  I have been disappointed by the last couple of JP books but this one was action packed and a fast read!  Hopefully this will end up being a new series :)

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