PC Mexico Contacts

Are you a new volunteer on your way to Mexico?

Are you a PCV and want to travel in Mexico and need some advice?

Are you a parent of a potential PC Mexico volunteer and just being curious?

Regardless of your reason…thanks for visiting!  Mexico is a wonderful place and there are some wonderful volunteers spread all over Mexico.

Facebook – Its a closed group but send a private message to Peace Corps Mexico and get added!

PC Mexico Website – Lots of information including contact information!


Ray Blakney a RPCV from Mexico is working on a 3rd goal project with the PC regional offices and the main office in DC to try to create an online archive to keep the language training material made all over the world from getting lost.  Check out his websites for materials:



If you are stuck then comment on my site somewhere and I will contact you!

Other handy links:

OFFICIAL PEACE CORPS WEBSITE: http://www.peacecorps.gov/


From the Huffington Post (April 6,2011): Peace Corps Placement Is Like Flying Standby

Best of Luck!!!

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  1. Ray Blakney says:

    Good afternoon,

    Sorry to bother you. My name is Ray Blakney and I am a RPCV from Mexico. I am working on a 3rd goal project with the PC regional offices and the main office in DC to try to create an online archive to keep the language training material made all over the world from getting lost. I have created a sub-section on my website with all the information I have been able to get to date (from over the web and sent to me directly by PC staff and PCV’s). I currently have close to 100 languages with ebooks, audios and even some videos.

    The next step for this project is that I am trying to get the world out about this resource so that it can not only be used by PCV’s or those accepted into the Peace Corps, but also so that when people run across material that is not on the site they can send it to me and I can get it up for everybody to use. I was hoping that you could help getting the word out by putting a link on this on your site at:


    so that people know it is there. There should be something there for almost everybody. It is all 100% free to use and share. Here is the page:


    Thanks for any help you can provide in making this 3rd goal project a success. And if anybody in your group has some old material they can scan or already have in digital form, and want to add to the archive, please don’t hesitate to pass them my email. Thanks and have a great day.

    Ray Blakney

  2. Eugene says:

    Hey J&M, I’m the creator of the brand new website Peace Corps Story, a website that collects all of the PC blogs in one place. Pretty much replacing the no longer running Peace Corps Journals. I ran into your blog and was wondering if it is okay to link up to it? If you could include a picture, your sector and a one sentence summary about yourself and the blog that would be great, Thank you!


  3. megansammy says:

    Hi! My husband and I are PCVs in Namibia, but want to travel in Mexico before returning home. Would love more info about Mexico & to connect with some volunteers there! My email is megansammy@gmail.com — Thanks! Megan

  4. Hi RPCV Jordan here.
    I wanted to alert you to a new MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) offered by the University of Colorado’s Anschutz Medical Campus through Coursera.
    “Foundations for Global Health Responders” introduces concepts and skills needed to effectively participate in global health ventures. You can access the course here: https://www.coursera.org/course/ghresponder
    This free course is taught by world-class experts from the University of Colorado, the CDC, the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, USAID, and many others in the global health field.
    Could you please promote this valuable course to fellow volunteers and colleagues?
    I’ve provided text and images for emails, tweets, and social media ads on our Global Health Responder Publicity Packet webpage here:
    Let me know if you have any questions, and thank you in advance for helping us get the word out for this global health responders MOOC!
    Marisa Burton

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