Returning to the US!!

WOW!!  This blog certainly has evolved over the last year.  It went from blogs about life in Mexico and the PC training, to the many wonderful trips I took all over Mexico to book reviews and recommendations.  I want to thank everyone for reading!  I hope you have learned a lot about life in Mexico and the Peace Corps.  It was an amazing two years and it was…and still is hard to leave.  I made lifelong friends and I can’t wait to return!

Sooooooooooo now I bet you are wondering…what’s it like to be home?  What changed?  What didn’t?  What do you miss?

Well I am writing this blog in Japan so I guess I still really don’t know what its like to be home.  I am still feeling pretty homeless and unsettled.  In the month that I was “home” I spent a week in the bay area (with two different people), then a week in Oregon getting to know my dad and his family and then finally two weeks in Arizona with my mom and family.  At that point I called my brother and said “Hook me up!! I am ready to stay in one place for a while!” and then I was invited to Japan and a week later…Japan here I come!

So…having said that…what changed?  Really not much and I guess that was the surprising part! Besides my mom buying a new house nothing really changed.  I went to the same nail salon, the same massage place, the same taqueria, the same grocery stores, the same everything…I guess it seems weird because I have changed so much that its surprising nothing else did.

The other thing I am noticing is that I am still speaking a lot of Spanglish…even here in Japan I find myself speaking Spanish…gracias, aqui, si si si! It’s great though when someone answers me back…de nada!

In general though I guess the hardest part for me and I am sure it is true for most returned PCV’s…is finding a job.  We joined the PC to change the world…or at least make a small difference in part of it.  I find myself wanting to still do that…but of course I want to get paid for it this time.  I don’t want to be another number in some giant organization!  I want to be a person who matters and who does things that matter.  Do those jobs even exist?  Am I being selfish in wanting something like that?

The good news is…is that I feel like I am in a place where I can dream the big dreams and take risks.  I have very few things to lose at this point (hence why I am in Japan).  I am having a difficult time dreaming big but I am hoping that some of that is fear and I will clear it soon.  Before I left for Japan I signed up for a temporary agency for contract work.  It won’t be life altering work but at least it will keep me busy and stop the bleeding!  Even with telling myself that I am job hunting “fulltime” I am tired of being home all day long doing nothing but job hunting. After a month I am finding very few new items.

So what else is new?  I miss the simplicity of Mexico, walking every where, cooking with super fresh veggies and the people.  I have tried walking everyday since I got back…super easy to do in Tokyo but harder to do in the US.  I have had to give myself assignments in order to motivate myself.  Walking dogs and going to the grocery store are good ones but other than that I feel like I am walking aimlessly around.  Like I said…I am hoping getting job helps some of this.   I also think being settled in one place for a while will help.  We shall see…

So, aside from not having a job and looking to create something wonderful…moving back to the US hasn’t been as hard as some people would think.  Yes, TV has gotten even more insane (so I am choosing not to get one) and now I have to start paying more attention to the news (and sports).  I am a lot more flexible and adaptable than I was before so I think that helps a lot but only time will tell!

I have been asked to blog for a couple different groups.  One is Scrappy Women and that one should be published sometime this month.  The other is a Silicon Valley Project Management group and that will be published in May.  I am thinking about making some changes to this blog since my service is over and maybe create a few new blogs…maybe one specifically for book reviews and another for positive thoughts and coaching.  Who knows…regardless I will keep you posted :)

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