The Peace Corps…The Hardest Job You Will Ever Love

Mis Ninos


If the picture above doesn’t sum up my Peace Corps experience I don’t know what will.

Will there be days where you wake up lonely and wondering why you are there? Absolutely!  On those days I would take a look out the window and talk to myself.  “It’s a beautiful day in Mexico, the sun is shining and I speak Spanish!” Ok so that might not work for you if it’s the middle of winter, your pipes are frozen and you have to walk 5 miles to get to civilization.  So what do you do?  Focus on the positive!  What do you LOVE?  Like me…is it the kids you are working with? Is it the new experiences? The adventures? The language?

Will there be days where you hate your “job”? Again…Absolutely! Part of the reason I joined the PC was because I wanted to make a difference and I hated my day job. Unfortunately, the hating the day job part didn’t change for me so I focused on what I loved doing and that was working with the kids in my community.  I am so passionate about this I wrote a blog about it:

Will there be days that you hate the Peace Corps?  Guess what the answer is? Absolutely!  It’s a government organization full of bureaucracy…of course it’s going to have policies that you don’t agree with.  I used to say…hate the PC love Mexico!  Again, focus on the positive and the good that you are doing and just deal with the policies and things you don’t enjoy.

The moral of this story?  The Peace Corps isn’t really different than real life!

There will be days, jobs, people and policies that you won’t like or enjoy so you have to focus on the positive.  Take one day at a time and do what fills your heart in your spare time in order to survive what pays the bills. You have options and you can choose the direction your life takes whether it’s in the Peace Corps or in real life.  Your decisions determine your happiness so choose to be happy!

If I could do it again would I? Absolutely!  I learned a lot, traveled to new places, met amazing people and now I speak Spanish! The Peace Corps is an unique opportunity that will change your life for good…

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3 Responses to The Peace Corps…The Hardest Job You Will Ever Love

  1. barryknister says:

    Hi Daisie–
    I will add my politically incorrect two cents worth to your completely convincing post. Unless someone is a cultural relativist who thinks things like female genital mutilation is no big deal, that it’s just another tile in the world’s cultural mosaic, then s/he will perhaps be sympathetic to features that figure prominently in Western thinking, if not always in practice. Say, a commitment to reason. And if s/he is sympathetic, then s/he has to conclude that immigrants from Mexico, Central, and South America (for the most part) bring with them commitments to ideals that North Americans in theory if not always in practice value: Christianity, Family, Work Ethic. And anyone who rejects the legitimacy of what I’m saying here is probably too busy watching Fox News–not.
    Here endeth the lesson.

    • barryknister says:

      P.S. My comment relates to a rant of yours aimed at wagons-in-a-circle immigrant haters, not to your blog post on being a volunteer.

    • Daisie says:

      Thanks for the comment Barry…it is ridiculous what people out there believe. So I do what I can in my small ways to make the world a better place :)

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