These are a few of my favorite things…

Originally I wanted to write this before Thanksgiving and my trip back to the US but I got too busy… it actually works better this way because being back reminded me of what I really love about Mexico!

1. Tacos! – I love tacos and being able to literally walk a block and buy them off the street.  I have learned over time that there are several types of tacos and one day I hope to write a blog just about tacos!  In the meantime, I love that they are cheap (4 to 8 pesos), just about everywhere, and super yummy!

2. Saludos! – Saludos is greeting or saying good-bye to people with a hug, handshake and/or a kiss.  I love walking down the street, seeing someone I know and getting a hug and a kiss!  Its the same at work, we greet everyone!  Some people are more affectionate than others but in general everyone greets everyone.

3. Tiendas! – I love just being able to walk down the street to buy my fruits and veggies!  Even today I just needed one piece of wrapping paper and some tape…I got it all at a papaleria for 10pesos!  Can´t beat that!  I love just being able to buy just a few things and I love it being so close.  I do still go a a big grocery store but very rarely!

4. City Buses! – A lot of cities have public transportation but no one can beat Mexico!  In the US you have to be at a certain stop at a certain time to catch the bus…not here!  There are a few specific bus stops but you can stop a bus anywhere along its path and it will pick you up (or drop you off)…there are no specific times either and in most cases there are so many buses going in the same direction you don´t need to wait more than 10mins.  Some of the drivers tend to get a little crazy but I just enjoy the ride!

5. Premier Buses! – I have taken buses all over Mexico and I really enjoy the freedom it gives you. There are alot of overnight buses and its pretty awesome to get on the bus at midnight and wake up at the beach or some other destination!  All of the first class buses have bathrooms, air conditioning, movies (some with in seat personal TVs) and lots of leg room!  Its almost more comfortable than traveling in tight jammed planes.

There is really so much I love about Mexico that its hard to contemplate moving back to the US where I will have to buy a car, shop a big grocery stores, and buy way more things than I need.  Mexico really has become home to me…my service ends in June so I have just over 6months here.  I have thought about staying but I also need to earn some more money.  Regardless of what I decide, Mexico will always be my second home and close to my heart!

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