Thoughts on the “Immigration” Issue



Disclaimer – Political rant – You don’t like it – Stop reading!

I didn’t watch Obama’s Immigration speech so this has NOTHING to do with it… This is MY opinion…MINE – An Educated, White Woman, who has traveled the ENTIRE world, including LIVING in Mexico.

Mexicans don’t risk their lives to move to the US for FREE health care and education!! WE (the US) DON’T HAVE FREE health care and education. MEXICO DOES!!!!!

In order to get “free” health care they have to go on medicare in the US. It’s already free for ALL citizens in Mexico and other central and south Americans. As well as education!!! I could go BACK to Mexico now and get a PHD for FREE!!! I OWE $40,000 for my Master’s degree…

Don’t want to pay for “illegals” who don’t have car insurance? Give them Work VISAs (which is given to immigrants from TERRORIST countries) and make them pay taxes, insurance etc…

Oh…what??? Why don’t you want to do that? Because that means you have to pay them a decent, life sustaining, fair, minimum wage??? Well FUCK…you already don’t pay ME, a WHITE woman that, let alone people of color…

What do you want? You want to take advantage of people who care so much about their communities and family that they rode on top of trains, walked across miles of desert, squeezed into tight spaces and risked getting shot on site to CLEAN YOUR TOILETS!

Immigrants aren’t taking YOUR job!!! They are our gardeners, janitors, house keepers, nannies and care givers!!

The only reason you are because they ask for FAIRNESS and you don’t think they deserve it!!

Isn’t that what your Immigrant Grandparents asked for when they came to the US?

It’s time to start thinking about this differently! ┬áMexico is our neighbor! Why do we treat countries who threaten us daily different and with more respect than our neighbors?

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